#MilkMakinMamas KoalaKin Nursing Pouch Giveaway


KoalaKin Nursing Pouch Giveaway Hosted by: mama pure Co-Hosted by: Healthy Baby Beans Sponsored by: KoalaKin The Milk Makin' Mamas Event is a month long celebration of breastfeeding & pumping product reviews, giveaways, education & inspiration. Be sure to check out all of the giveaways in the event. The KoalaKin Nursing Pouch allows for hands-free breastfeeding that is comfortable for mama and baby. It was designed with mamas of busy toddler's in mind so you can walk and move while breastfeeding and is ergonomic to protect your back, neck, and arms. The design allows for easy adjustment of baby's position so that you can … [Read more...]

Beating Thrush – A Poem About Victory

thrush poem 2

When it comes to breastfeeding I feel like I've dealt with just about every possible downfall there is. And in case you ever forgot, thrush is kind of my thing. Today Mama Pure is featuring a little poem I wrote on her blog. Click the picture below to head over and check it out. Beating Thrush - A Poem About Victory   If you're interested in my journey here is some more reading material for you: My nursing story with Gaia is here on Livejournal. You can read about how to beat the yeast beast on Breastfeeding Place. Here's my fight with the candida curse. … [Read more...]

A year of amazing loot and year two for Loot Crate!

#LootCrate 4 lyf

Here it is... Loot Crate number 12.  I have received 12 fabulous crates and they just get better and better for me! Last year I got my very first crate in July of 2013. They continued piling up. I had to stash my Loot Crate items around and distribute them throughout my house. I even re-purposed several rates last Christmas as gift boxes. Now I have a slightly smaller stack of crates... My 12th crate was oddly shaped. All of my crates were stubby like the ones on the left in the photo above. Then the LAUNCH crate was more of a cube. After that they were flatter looking, never as alluring as the original. Then last month this weird … [Read more...]

#MilkMakinMamas Earth Mama Angel Baby Giveaway!

EMAB giveaway

Breastfeeding can be tough. One of my favorite brands to get me through those early months was Earth Mama Angel Baby. I couldn't have survived without the Nipple Butter. And I'm sure little Anders's bum is grateful for the Angel Baby Bottom Balm! I'm honored to be teaming up with mama pure to bring you this Breastfeeding Essentials Bundle giveaway. Hosted by: mama pure Co-Hosted by: The Fully Caffeinated Mama Sponsored by: Earth Mama Angel Baby   The Milk Makin' Mamas Event is a month long celebration of breastfeeding & pumping product reviews, giveaways, education & inspiration. Be sure to check out all of the … [Read more...]

Accessorize Your Stash in August with Spray Pal! {Giveaway}


Welcome to the 3rd Annual Accessorize Your Stash in August Giveaway Hop, hosted by the Blogging Mamas Network. If you’re ready to accessorize your cloth diaper stash, you’ve come to the perfect Event! A fabulous group of bloggers have come together to help you do just that – with Cloth Diaper Accessory Giveaways! If you love cloth diapering, then you’ll love hopping around to see what each blog has in store for you and your Fluffy Stash! I'm giving away a Spray Pal to take the mess out of cleaning up those dirty diapers. You will be less afraid of those semi-solid poop diapers with a Spray Pal on your side! You can read my … [Read more...]

Cleaning Cloth Diapers with Spray Pal

Spray Pal

I'm not going to lie; Cleaning cloth diapers can be messy. It's not hard, but it is gross. Breastfed poops aren't an issue because you just throw it in the wash and they come out clean. Once you get into solid feeding, however, you get these nasty peanut butter poops that are sticky and icky. Then you have to add a pre-wash to get all the filth off... but it's really getting the semi-solids off your precious cloth that can be difficult. That's where Spray Pal comes in handy. Before Spray Pal my routine was to stash the dirty diapers away until the end of the day. And then I had to spray the diapers down, all the while splashing on the … [Read more...]

My Neighbor Totoro Themed Cosplay for Tampa Bay Comic Con 2014

my neighbor totoro cosplay

Last week I spent a lot of time on creating the perfect outfits to wear to this year's fall convention. We're lucky because we get two... so if we can't make it to Tampa Bay Comic Con in April (which we didn't) we can plan to try again in August. Because of my work schedule we could only go on Sunday, but that's when we got the best deals on merchandise anyway so I'm not sad. Anyhow, now that I have two children I'm dabbling in these family themes for dressing up. (Hutch will get on board eventually. He's already voiced his regret over not playing along last weekend.) So we started out basic with "My Neighbor Totoro." I used … [Read more...]

Green Scene Mom New Mommy Giveaway


Green Scene Mom has partnered with Guava Family and many other brands to bring you this fabulous giveaway featuring lots of great products for new moms and their babies! Each of these products was designed to meet a unique need and make life simple for mom and baby. Some of these products I have worked with myself and I am very happy to be a part of this giveaway that values over $1,200! One lucky winner will receive: Guava Family Lotus Everywhere Crib - ARV $249.95 Coromega Be Bright Superfood Oil Blend, 2 90ct Original Orange, and 2 30Ct Orange "Tiger" - ARV $140 The Bumble Collection Brittany Backpack in Lace Floral - ARV … [Read more...]

Win an An All-In-One Nursing & Pumping Bra from The Dairy Fairy!

the dairy fairy giveaway

Welcome to the Arden All-In-One Nursing & Pumping Bra Giveaway! This is part of the Milk Makin' Mamas event over at Mama Pure. Hosted by: mama pure Co-Hosted by: Latched On Mom Sponsored by: The Dairy Fairy The Milk Makin' Mamas Event is a month long celebration of breastfeeding & pumping product reviews, giveaways, education & inspiration. Be sure to check out all of the giveaways in the event. Today's giveaway is for an amazing Arden Bra from The Dairy Fairy. The Arden is an All-In-One Nursing & Pumping bra that allows you to easily pump and nurse at the same time as both sides are independent. Be sure to read mama pure's … [Read more...]

Breastfeeding Twins, Triplets and More! {Plus a Giveaway!}


I've been waiting for this day! Not only is it the beginning of World Breastfeeding Week 2014, but it is also the official launch day for a fabulous new book, Breastfeeding Twins, Triplets and More! by the lovely Jennifer Fountain of Growing Up Triplets. This book is the culmination of many tears of experience and an attempt to help other mothers planning to breastfeed twins, triplets or more. And because I don't do "excited" in a boring way, I'm also hosting a fanta-bulous giveaway with prizes worth over $450! You'll be the most prepared mama on the block! :) Oh, and from August 1-7, 2014 you can get the book for 70% off! Buy it in the … [Read more...]