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Day of Rest

I am kind of a nerd. And so, of course, I have nerdy friends. My friend Ashley of the etsy store Fancy Sauce is celebrating her birthday today and shared this adorable animation in celebration:

I absolutely died laughing. You should check out her awesome artwork. She paints really cool stuff. I have one she did and I show it off in my little craft/computer nook.

I recently found St. Vincent on I am pretty sure I’ve heard it before, just been brought back to the surface through my radio station preference. You should look St. Vincent up if you don’t already know of their existence.

Today was nail day for Gaia and me. She chose orange and pink nails and I decided to go white with blue polka dots:

I hate taking photos of my nails because I can never get the pictures to look all that great. For the record, I’ve only been into playing with my nails for about six months or so. I’m still learning stuff like painting my right hand. Impossible, I swear. I also did these dots with toothpicks because the professional dotting tool I scored for 99 cents + free shipping on eBay a month ago (I know, right!) is being shipped from China. I need a new top coat, too. I’m using Rimmel PRO right now and it’s not too pro, that’s for sure.
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  1. Cute animation. 🙂 And I love your nails with the dots. Cute.

    P.S. I HATE painting my right hand – who is good at it and how do they do it?! Lol.

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