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There’s this void…

I’ve had a Livejournal account ever since I can remember. It was an outlet for me to vent about things that bothered me, share things I loved, and post excessive photos of my baby as she grew into the child I love so much today. I began blogging in high school, but somewhere in the last couple of years I stopped. I can not tell you exactly why but my life had taken a series of turns and it was hard enough for me to keep up, let alone a posse of internet acquaintances. I tried to stay connected to the internet world through a public blog when I owned my own domain, but that too did not work out as the audience was so huge that I felt it limited me to the things I could post about. I gave up the habit altogether thinking I would never find a happy medium.

I recently decided I needed somewhere to post about things I cared about. I miss the world of blogging. Although being public does put a limit on what I should post, there are lots of things I want to share with anyone caring to read. I am starting this blog in hopes to reconnect to old friends, make new ones through common ground, and hopefully share some of the joys I gather throughout life.

I am not entirely sure what will come of this. I would like to post D.I.Y. tutorials, favorite recipes complete with personal kitchen adventures, and maybe little snippets of everyday adventures with my daughter. I may or may not post my individual opinions on issues related to politics, maternity care, and parenting. I am asking you now (because a majority of you who will see this first post are friends and family), to not take anything I do say personal. I am just an average girl writing about my average life.

I hope you subscribe (you can get my RSS fed through Livejournal guys!), follow, and/or check back. I am really excited about posting more soon and editing these pages to better suit my needs. I think it could be lovely.



  1. Sweet post Shary. I look forward to reading what you share ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. p.s I meant to say I found you through the ‘I Love My Online Friends Monday Blog Hop!’

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