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Weekend Blog Hop & Humanities Day

young and restlessHi to anyone new who may be coming this way from the blog hop! My blog is quite new, but I think you should follow or something because it is going to be fabulous. I hope everyone is planning a super fun weekend. My weekends are always a bit refreshing. Right now I am enjoying a cup of coffee and reading my blog subscriptions before class.
Saturdays are Humanities Day this semester. Three hours of intense Enlightenment and Romanticism. Last weekend our first paper was due and I was nervous to see what I got on my interpretation of The Hallucinogenic Toreador (the painting by Salvador Dali). It is Post-Modern art to be accurate, but as it was our first paper the instructor was kind enough to let us write on whatever we wanted to get a feel for his grading system. Thank god for that… I wound up getting a 93, which at my school is an A!

You know, I’ve always been a morning person. Even if I only get a few hours of sleep, I much prefer to be up in the morning to experience the day beginning. I feel like I can accomplish so much being awake early. I just love the color of the sky coming to life and the feel of the moist grass. I like to watch people hustle into whatever plans they have for the day, imagining they have something grand on the horizon.

Today I plan to finish a bag I started last week. I was simply waiting for the opportunity to pick up a fastener from JoAnn’s to complete it as a hip pack, but I’ve decided to just extend the strap and sew it as an over the shoulder bag instead. The ruffles are adorable, but it just looks funny on my hip the way I planned it out in my original idea. My inspiration came from this etsy listing for the ruffle hip pack by Kines, and I hope to offer a tutorial soon on how to make your own without spending $40! It is cheating, but so worth the shame.



  1. I like the bag by Kines, but I can’t wait to see what you’ve designed and I especially can’t wait for the tutorial to create my own. One of my goals this year is to start creating more. 🙂

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