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5 Things I’m Grateful For

I’m going to be joining Kim at Mommie Again and posting 5 things I am grateful for. I’ll be doing this on Sundays for 9 weeks. Feel free to join us!

  1. My daughter. Gaia has helped me learn new things about the world and myself. Without her I wouldn’t know half the joys life has to offer.
  2. Transportation. Although I do not have a car of my own right now, I am grateful for both the awesomeness of friends and the ability to travel with ease from one place to another.
  3. The internet. I get rather lonely at times and with Facebook I can chat with people I care about and with Skype I can actually TALK (and sometimes see) people I miss too much.
  4. Hutch. He keeps me from falling apart.
  5. Art. I love creative expression and what it does for the soul.


  1. I love lists like these! 🙂 Just reminds us how truly blessed we are!

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