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A few things…

I’m not quite sure what to blog about so I’ll just say a little bit about everything racing through my mind these past few days.

Dr. Amy Tuteur is crazy. She’s been giving home birth mamas a lot of flack and like to publicly blame mothers for the loss of  a baby during childbirth. There have been situations where it is know to the general public (as in the story has been in the media and research has been done) that the baby would have died regardless of where the baby was born and she still says it’s because home birth moms are selfish and don’t care about the safety of their offspring.

I’m not sure about how you, my followers/readers, feel about the home birth vs. hospital birth argument. If you asked me my opinion I’d tell you that I think it’s the mother choice and she should educate herself about her pregnancy, her unborn baby, and all the options available in her area. I do not think that normal, healthy pregnancies with normal, healthy labors should end in a hospital setting. Hospitals are for sick people. Childbirth is not an illness. And I would like to say that I think the problem is that there is a lack of birth centers. Imagine: if we had more birth centers who allowed mothers to labor and birth normally without the pressure of interventions but had doctors around for the rare occasion when moms needed help or intervention then the birth community would be connected. Am I wrong for thinking so?

Now I’m trying not to get to worked up about this as I have more things to talk about. Home birth vs. hospital birth is not what I want to talk about… it’s simply her attitude about that issue that brought me to look into her. So this Dr. Amy gal, she be crazy. This post by The Skeptical Mother is, obviously, biased as it is a pro-home birth blog. This post, however, is mainly screenshots of conversations with Dr. Amy and it’s hard not to hate her if you care about women and their rights at all. For example:

If you click on that post link you can see snippets of the entire conversation going on between her and people who try desperately to find logic in her conclusions. In this argument she says that children deserve fathers regardless of what kind of man he is. Yes, that’s right… even if he beats you it’s your fault because you don’t like being beaten. No joke. Go check out the crazy.

I don’t really know how to transition from that into more lighthearted things. Let’s try this:

I had more stuff to talk about like the book I just got from BookMooch and my plans for the weekend. I’ll just save it for later. I hope you’re all having a great Thursday!



  1. Coming by from Hop Along Friday and following via GFC. Just had to pin the cat’s in the box. Too funny!

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