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[Almost] Wordless Wednesday #2

My cutest daughter!

The slides are her favorite, but I like the plant that aligned with her static hair.

This is our kitty, Bamboo. Isn’t she pretty?

Fancy nails :3



  1. Hello,

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  2. Those nails are pretty fancy! Did you paint them?

    I remember getting static hair from the playground slide back in the day. Then as soon as I would touch someone they would get a “shock.” Lol!

    Momma T and Baby E

    • Yeah I like to play with my nails. I use all cheap nail polish though… I mentioned this because I follow a lot of nail blogs where they’re spending like $15-$20 on one bottle. What is this? I live in a world where $4 is expensive for nail polish.

      I like that you always come by and comment. It means a lot to me, thank you!

  3. I like your nails, so cute! I am here from the Wordless Wednesday hop and now following you on bloglovin. I hope you will visit me back and follow. Can’t wait to comeback here for more 🙂 I am at

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