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Busy Weekend Ahead!

This weekend is going to be busy busy busy! Fridays are normally days in which I have to “Wrap things up.” My Friday is like most everyone else’s Sunday really. I have to clean and organize. I have to do all my assignments for school and plan out any other weekend events. I’m writing my paper for humanities, a letter to one of my local congressmen for my government class, and making a hoodie for miss Jalina. Once I have access to the car I want to drop off this giant box to Goodwill, grocery shop, and snag up a shower cap and some different earbuds (read: pair number 3). Tonight I will run week 1, day 3 of The Couch to 5k, hopefully successfully since my last two runs have been frustrating with the music problems.

Tomorrow I have some alone time since Carlos will be taking Gaia to see his mother in Kissimmee (she’s a travel agent and is at Disney right now for some kind of group tour or something). Then Sunday morning we’re all going to MegaCon (told you I was a nerd), then I have class in the afternoon. Then Miss Jalina’s party is in the evening.

I used to not wear my seat belt. Ever. My Omi used to not move the car until I put it on, so I’d wear it with her. My father just yelled at me so I scurried to get it on whenever he noticed. But as and adult driving on my own it was just an inconvenience. However, my new years resolution for 2012 was to put it on more often. Then after that motorcycle accident last weekend, I have a better appreciation for the quality of  life I guess. I want to live a bit longer and enjoy things. I want to live for my daughter.

Shary: buckling up since 2012.

I hope everyone is planning a fun weekend!

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  1. Stopping by from the Friday Blog AND Google + Hop!

  2. Hey Shary,
    I just stumbled upon your blog and so glad I did. I’m your newest fan and follower!


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