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Humanities Day with Breastfeeding!

You know, no one ever comments on these posts… Too serious? Not into art? Feel free to comment and tell me why you think Humanities Day doesn’t get as much love as my other posts. I mean, I’ll keep doing them because I enjoy them, but if there is a way to make them more exciting for you as a reader please let me know!

I am not going to post my two and a half page essay. That would be extremely boring. Our assignment was to write on anything from the Renaissance to 1900. I sifted through 400 years of art and what I really wanted to write about was the “Allegory of Charity”, but when I began my paper a few days ago I thought the Baroque period was before the Renaissance. (It’s actually after, if you didn’t know.) So I pushed it aside. But it’s very pretty:

Allegory of Charity by Jacques Blanchard, 1636-1637 [source]

So I sifted through several other art pieces and I wrote on “The Madonna and Child with Saint Joseph and the Infant Baptist.” Yeah, it’s a mouthful. Although I prefer warmer tones like the one above (again, my foolishness for not remembering the timeline of art) I liked the colors in this one as well:

The Madonna and Child with Saint Joseph and the Infant Baptist by Federico Barocci, 1575 [source]

Most of the breastfeeding art pieces you find from history are of the Virgin Mary with baby Jesus. I’m not particularly religious, personally, but I love the reminder that comes with these paintings. People are always concerned about modesty when it comes to breastfeeding. As if giving your baby the gift of life is in any way related to sexual exposure. Ridiculous.

Here are some more of my favorites:

These three images are all titled “Virgin and Child” or something very similar.
I simply did a Google image search and these are ones I find familiar and think of often.
The last one is by an unknown artists and it is by far my favorite. I wish we knew more about it, but alas we do not.

For more breastfeeding art, you can visit or to start. I just do a Google image search most of the time and find what I’m looking for. But those sites, although both are incomplete, are pretty cool.



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  3. I never thought about looking at breastfeeding art, but actually, it is very interesting. It is one of life’s most intimate experiences and the glow on the various phases reflect the sense of bonding and safety. Emotional nourishing.


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