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I feel old.

I’m still recovering from Saturday’s Sleigh Bells/Diplo show I suppose, but I’m just so terribly exhausted. I didn’t sleep too much Friday night, and I woke up early to study some more before my exams. (I’m pretty sure I kicked those two tests’ butts, by the way.)

Then I went to Tampa, had some fun with the boy including a lovely snuggle nap. I made dinner while we watched the Tekken movie, then we left for the concert. We wound up getting lost for nearly an hour. See we parked on the corner of a busy intersection and thought we’d walk to the venue. We walked about 20 minutes into the ghetto before pulling out Hutch’s smart phone with the fancy GPS. When we did finally turn around we encountered some interesting situations. A construction site with equipment on but no men working was my least favorite thing. The noise was so loud, the area was unlit, and as I said, we were in the ghetto. Then we came across a very pissed off Samuel L. Jackson perched on a fence. This guy was really really mad with whomever he was talking to, that’s for sure.

And last but not least was the shady guy limping down the side walk with his hands in his pockets. I mean, my normal routine when walking through shady parts of town is to make eye contact, smile, and then decide if I should look away or say something based on how they responded to the smile. I’m pretty okay dealing with situations that would make me nervous if I were alone as long as I’m not actually alone. Tip for late night ghetto walking: smile and go about your business. Period.

Anyhow, so we got back to the car, found the actual venue (we were close, we just walked the wrong way), parked and went on our merry way. We finally made it to the show just in time to see the last 30 seconds of Liturgy. Hutch was kind of bummed because he was kind of excited to see Liturgy, but I lovingly reminded him it was all his fault and so he let it go. Sleigh Bells played next, lots of fun times there. I was really excited for them to play so many songs from Treats as that is what I’m most familiar with. I really like music and shows, but I have a hard time having fun if I don’t know the songs. Then Diplo did his thing and he was so adorable on stage. He had so much fun making music, you could tell. It was during his set that I got the most beat up. I was surrounded by tall guys and every time the crowd would get excited and jump around I’d get elbowed and what not. And the annoying 15-year-old girls… they were everywhere.

Towards the end I had gotten kicked really hard in the shoulder by a crowd surfer falling just behind me. (She was caught inches from the ground, so she’s fine.) Between the intense pain in my arm, the tall guy in front of me with too much energy, and the girl I’d been trying to ignore whipping her hair about to my left, I decided to take a smoke break. I’m sitting there, in the smoke room minding my own cigarette, when some guy comes and sits next to me with two beers. I asked how much they were. We got to talking. He randomly says, “You’re really awesome, want to kiss me?” and before I could even reply he grabs my face and proceeds to try and make out. I had to physically put my hand between our faces and push him away. He was like, “Oh that was dumb of me Sorry… Are you sure you don’t want to kiss me?” He was so drunk. It was kind of cute. Things were awkward then so I decided to go back to the show. Diplo had a hard time getting off stage cause he was having so much fun. But the show ended after a while and we left.

On the way back to the car I was talking shit about the hair-whip girl. I did an impression as we were walking, my glasses flew off my face, and my boyfriend stepped on them. It is hilarious so you can laugh. It’s been a few years and I needed to get new ones anyway so I’ll live. I’m going to say it was totally worth it. Right now I’m rocking the taped glasses look and I think it just adds to my charm:

The thing is though, I don’t have as much patience as some of my concert-going peers. I get annoyed at drunk people and super-happy teenage girls (like the hair-whipper). I love music; I love live music! But the crowd annoys me and I’m in so much pain trying to match my surroundings. My back hurts. My face hurts. My legs hurt from jumping. My toes hurt from wearing the wrong shoes. I’ll be just 25 in a few weeks… I can’t be getting old. I’m not ready! I missed out on my early twenties because I was raising Gaia. She’s getting older now and I was looking forward to being able to do more stuff. Any tips for staying young at heart? I need them!





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