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Looking Forward to the Weekend

I changed my layout, finally. The temporary one was simple and cute for what I could throw together in a few minutes, but I decided to spend a little more time on it this morning. The picture below is a image I made for my blog’s Facebook profile. If you’re viewing this in a reader, click on it to go to the main page and check out the new look!

In other news, I think I’m prepared for my tests in the morning. I scheduled a Humanities Day post so be prepared to learn stuff tomorrow. It’s intense, just telling you in advance. I can’t help it though, I really do love humanities. (Although I do wish it wasn’t all worded so plainly… sometimes I fall asleep during homework because it’s all the same: “blah blah blah.”)

After my tests I’m going to Tampa to see Sleigh Bells and spend some time with Hutch. I won’t be gone long so feel free to send me little messages and what not.

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Peace, love, happiness, etc. 🙂

young and restless



  1. It’s a cute layout! New follower from blog hop. Feel free to follow back at 🙂 Have a dandy weekend!

  2. cute layout. check out my blog, you may want to follow and if you do enter my giveaway! && i’ll be happy to follow back
    happy sunday.

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