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No Heat Curls

I made a sock donut thingy months ago, but have never actually done the no heat curls trick with the sock bun. Well last night I was really bored and decided to go ahead and try it. (Have no idea what I’m talking about? Watch this video on youtube.)

Totally easy. I’m definitely adding this to my bag of tricks. I was skeptical at first because I have lots of hair. I mean lots… most hair tutorials fail me because there’s just too much to style every day. I don’t have time for that kind of maintenance. Also, I have to sleep with my hair flipped up on the pillow and I assumed wearing it up like this would bother me. Honestly I tied the hair tie at the base too tight and now my scalp is a tiny bit sore, but I’ll just wrap it twice next time. No big deal.

Gaia’s like “Mom stop taking photos of yourself! I want one with you!” 🙂

Proof of giant hips. My family invented the pear shape.

My camera is doing this weird  grainy thing this morning… sorry the photos are a little weird looking.

I ran last night and the night before. During my first run on Tuesday I had to turn around because my side cramped up super bad. I was in so much pain coming home. I wound up getting in the full 20 minutes (doing the couch to 5k) which was surprising. I’m using my music playlist as a way to keep track. 🙂 Last night’s run was a lot easier. The cramping did come again, but I had already almost made it home on my own by the time I started hurting. My legs were super sore last night. I can feel it this morning, but not too much. I can do this running thing. Yay!

I have a problem though. My earbuds… they won’t stay in! It’s very annoying and distracting and I’ve used both the ones that came with my Zen and the fancy vacuum ones by Skullcandy.

I’m not sure if my ear holes are just abnormally shaped or what, but I really need to find a solution to this. I need my music! HELP!



  1. Cool hair trick! I have curly hair, so I need a trick for straightening. I’m sure they’re out there, just too lazy to look/try! Also, I cannot keep earbuds in for the life of me, thought I was the one with irregular shaped ears! Haha! Good to know I’m not alone. Hubby doesn’t understand my gripe.

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  2. Cute curls! As for the earbuds – I have the same problem with finding decent ones. I found Philips earbuds a few years ago and just needed to replace them last month due to wear and tear. They come with three different sizes of rubbery buds, and I love them!

  3. This is cool trick! Didn’t it tangle your hair? Sometimes I forgot to take off my hair bun and the next morning I couln’t brush it through 🙁 but I will try this, easy way without going to the hairdresser 🙂

    • I don’t actually brush my hair. Ever. I comb my bangs after a shower for styling purposes only. I ran my hand through my hair after taking the bun down and no tangles were present. I hope that you try this and let me know how it worked for your hair!

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  5. your hair looks amazing! 🙂

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