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Why Does My Oven Hate Me?

I am rather angry with my oven. Around the holidays I was having problems baking my cookies. They weren’t cooking all the way through. To give you an idea, my Nutella cookies normally take 11 minutes (9 after the pan gets hot) at 350. When I was doing holiday baking, I had to watch them like a hawk, sometimes for 20 minutes, only to have the edges burnt and the center slightly gooey. I let them completely cool and sent them anyway, but I was not a happy girl. I assumed it was because I used tub butter, but then there was today…

So Gaia and I were making Nutella cookies for a friend of mine. My friend, Kat, had just discovered Nutella and was hooked so I’ve been promising her some cookies for a few weeks now. So we’re mixing the dough, and I reach in the fridge to grab an egg when I realize there are none. Perfect. No big deal, I think, because I use applesauce in cakes all the time for vegan friends’ birthdays. So I just scoop some applesauce. Bam. I also have no chocolate chips (my kitchen is broken today), so I use M&M’s leftover from Christmas and some pecans. I am still under the assumption everything will turn out perfectly in the end. I am wrong.

I go to pull out the first batch (of two) and they are a mixture of uncooked cookie dough lumps and slightly burnt, hardened puddles of rejection. This is when I call my mother, desperate for some advice as to what I did wrong. After whining about how I’m apparently a cookie failure, she tells me to remove the baking stone. (Duh, Shary.) So I do this, add some more flour to the dough (because Nutella + Applesauce = liquidy dough) and make the rest of the cookies. They turned out better, but still ugly. They are edible this time, and since four-year-olds don’t care about aesthetics they’re already gone.

I called my mom back and we have a long discussion about what I could be doing wrong. She thinks that an element, or whatever, is broken and so my oven is having a hard time staying the appropriate temperature. Tomorrow I’m going to call the landlord and get a maintenance man out here to look at it. I really hope it is my oven because I can not deal with being a cookie failure. It makes me very sad to not be able to simply bake cookies without having to watch and worry if they’ll turn out normal.

In other news, I got my packages today. I ordered some things a couple weeks ago off eBay. I love eBay, but it seems every time I score a deal the seller lives in China and it takes damn near 3 weeks to get my packages. (I’m not really mad about that, by the way… just still worked up about the oven.)

Anyway, check it:

I’ll be installing some extensions tomorrow, and maybe even giving a couple away. I’ll let you know what I think. The lady at my gas station has them and they’re pretty cute. I just can’t decide what colors I should do and if I should do just one on one side, or a couple on both sides… I need to Pinterest and Google image some ideas. Also, nail dotting tool! Horray for no more toothpick frustration!



  1. I am so not picky about cookies – I’d have eaten them anyway 😉

    Thanks so much for joining Flock Together today at Mom’s Best Nest . I am now your happy follower and look forward to reading your posts.

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