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About “the pups”

I am going to talk to you about armpits. Yes.. armpits. If, for whatever reason, this topic makes you feel grossed out or uncomfortable, then feel free to skip this post. I will not be offended.

I’ve mentioned it before on my blog: I don’t shave my armpits on a regular basis. Why? Because to me razor burn and itchiness is worse than fuzzy pits. I like to feel comfortable and not worry about those kinds of societal expectations. Also, I could never, as a emerging adult, figure out how shaved armpits looked so smooth and uniform to the rest of the arms’ skin tone. Mine would look like slightly bumpy darker areas and I found that even less attractive than I do my slightly fuzzy pups.

Not that bad, right?

It all started about two years ago. I was on this kick of detoxing my hair (on my head) and I decided to stop shaving my pits and stop wearing deodorant. I didn’t smell too bad most of the time, and if I did get smelly to me that translated into “Okay time for a shower.” I knew a lot about deodorant versus antiperspirant, baking soda, and those little crystal things. I just dealt with the reality that more hair meant more B.O. And everyone who loved me was forced to adjust. No big deal really.

(My hair was freaking gorgeous, by the way. I used an herbal shampoo bar, used my fingers to comb through after, then a apple cider rinse. So easy and way gorgeous.)

So, my pits were as free as pits can be. Then, I moved back in with the ex last summer. He hates the way I smell. So he bought me some deodorant and I shaved my pits for about two weeks. I then realized that my pits were so super itchy. As I inspected them I realized that they looked horrible! The skin was dry and flaking off and my underarms looked reptilian. I stopped shaving. Still itchy and dry. I switched deodorants. Still flaky.

Finally I decided I would just go deodorant free again, but keep up with the “smell test.” I don’t use it on a regular basis, but if they fail the “smell test” I use Jason products.

Ignore my hair; this was taken right after the wasp experience.

After prolonged use I will still get extra itchy, dry pits. So I suppose I just use deodorant quite sparingly. I don’t really mind though and neither do my close friends and family. Love is all about pheromones anyway, right?

I’m going to make up any excuse to convince you that hairy pits are okay. I understand it’s not for everyone, and I admit I shave them sometimes… for weddings or what-have-you. But deodorant can go elsewhere because my pups obviously can’t handle that kind of pressure.


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