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Craft Supply Challenge #3 – Buttons

I don’t actually have a collection of buttons. Well, I do, but they are all decorative and most have that little back thing on them. Nothing flat, which is what I imagine is best for the kinds of things I have in my head. So I made this for the challenge:

I got the friendship tutorial from The Purl Bee. I think it’s rather cute. I didn’t realize I was using Gryffindor colors until about halfway. And the damned thing took me near 4 hours. I was not expecting that.

Anyhow, to vote for my project click the button below and click “Like?” below the photo of my friendship bracelet. đŸ™‚


Thank you! It’s currently on it’s was to Chicago (I really kind of hope that my bestie doesn’t have time to read my blog).

Happy Wednesday!


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