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Craftsters and WAHM’s invited to sponsor big giveaway in April!

I touched briefly on my involvement on the Avoiding April Showers giveaway hop at the beginning of February, but I want to dedicate this post to further explain the excitement I have for it!

I’ve participated in a few Paypal cash giveaways since opening my blog in January. The main reason for this is because I want the crafty giveaways I do host here to be successful. I am a HUGE supporter of those of us who want to just do what we love and somehow make a living from it. Creativity is very important to humanity. Having that outlet is an amazing feeling, and being able to share it is even more rewarding.

Crafty giveaways, especially collaborations, are really cool because as a consumer you get some cool hand-made one of a kind items to add to your uniqueness whether it be in art, fashion, or other areas. As a creator, you get to spread your joy to unthinkable corners of the globe and expand your business while networking with other like-minded individuals and supportive fans. I can’t really imagine how any of that sounds “bad.”

So I’ve been out there networking and trying to get my package together for the April Showers giveaway hop. I’ve message all my favorites on Etsy, emailed friends, told my mom even (she lives in Ohio and has some crafty friends who do the local festivals). I have one mom involved: a mom I’ve known since high school. (Shanna sells Barefoot Books from home. They’re awesome for kids of all ages! Check out her Facebook page!)

So this is me, publicly inviting all of you crafty people and work-at-home-moms to contact me and get involved in this awesome opportunity.

My package has to be worth a total cost of  at least $25. My goal is to have a handful of items from different people resulting in one family-friendly package. This can include the items themselves, or gift cards for Etsy stores. If you choose to giveaway an item, I would ask for you to ship it to me so I can compile the package as a whole when a winner is chosen. This means you can also send fliers, business cards, whatever you want to include so that maybe even more of your crafty friends get exposure. Cool huh?

Worse case scenario: I’ll just make something and buy some stuff to include to get the word out about cool crafty people. I am reluctant to do this because I’m just a stay-at-home mom/student myself. I would really appreciate your involvement for this reason. Honestly, I thought this would be fun and more people would be excited to participate.

Email me with any questions or ideas. Like I said, I’m really excited and I want to share it with you all!



  1. What a great idea! If I was crafty or did anything like this I would totally join up! haha


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