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Hello, March

Gaia and I love breakfast, so I’ve started taking pictures of our adventures. The sun was so bright yesterday morning so my face is the most retarded one I could have made. And of course Gaia was crabby so she’s not really even paying attention. But here it is: one of my favorite restaurants in Sarasota. It’s a two minute drive from my dad’s house so we try to go whenever we visit. I personally love their Country Fried Steak, but everything we’ve had is pretty good.

Yesterday was pretty exhausting overall. I stayed up late Wednesday trying to finish the divorce paperwork. I did everything I could by myself and the [soon to be ex-]husband and I will have to discuss the rest later this weekend. I really think we need a lawyer to explain things for us, but he seems to think we can do it on our own. It’s just very very confusing.

Like, the Parenting Plan is assuming that there is one parent who has the child all the time and the other gets the child every other weekend and some holidays. We can write an addendum to make it what we want, but it’s kind of ridiculous to assume that’s what it will be like. We plan on sharing equally, each having a  full two days and distributing the other three based on Gaia’s father’s seasonal workload or last minute situational stuff. We don’t really want anything written in stone and we’re trying to be as close a geographically possible so we can trade on a  regular basis. I don’t understand why there aren’t options for these kinds of things…

I’m still on the hunt for an old spice rack to turn into a nail polish rack. I went thrifting in Sarasota and found nothing. So we attempted looking this morning here locally, but all i could think of was buying a cute box to put them in. I want a nail rack though so I can see all my colors and be inspired. So I didn’t buy a cute box. I’ll just deal and maybe something will turn up.

I did snag a slanted little paint brush though for my nails, so perhaps now I can clean them up so pictures look prettier. In real life from normal distance away they look fine, but every time I snap a picture for you guys I think, “Ew. So sloppy!” Haha.

Gaia is obviously having a rebellious week. We went to four stores, all of which consisted of me chasing her around and trying to ignore the stares while I stood looking at things I didn’t need holding a screaming four-year-old by the wrist. Every time we’d leave one store she’d promise to be good for the next one… all lies. Eventually we just went home because I was so tired.

Also, she got ahold of my tape measure and for some reason was whipping Bamboo (the cat). I scolded, she stopped, a few minutes passed. Then she sat next to Bamboo and Bamboo kitty-slapped her face.  *sigh* I don’t understand why Gaia never learns. They get along normally, but only if Bamboo isn’t terrorized for at least two consecutive days. It takes a while for her to build trust again, so now I have to watch for random kitty attacks on my child.

My view for most of this morning. (-.-)

Aftermath of terrorizing the kitteh.


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  1. your nails look so cute! loving the hearts!

  2. Cute nails!

  3. We just got back from the weekend down in Sarasota. I have passed that restaurant many times but have never eaten there. Maybe next time we will have to. Divorce paperwork sounds like a mess 🙁 sorry to hear you have to go through all that. Love the glitter and the little hearts on your nails. Very cute and girly. And 🙁 ouchie. Her boo boo doesn’t sound like a fun one at all. Kids never learn do they? Mine sure has a hard time about that too

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