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More on the Move…

We were approved for our apartment with only a months worth of rent as the deposit. Hutch and I are both young adults with little to no credit so that was to be expected. I am glad it is not more. 🙂

Since getting the approval phone call they’ve decided to change our unit. We requested the first floor and when we drove by a few weeks ago our apartment was in the very inside next to the dumpster. This is fine, and being close to the dumpster is 50/50 for me (smells bad walking to your car, but less of a walk to throw the trash). And not to be stereotypical because for all I know they could’ve been great neighbors, but there were a lot of “shady” folks hanging outside that building. Apparently our new unit is nicer. I haven’t seen it’s location, but when they called they said Building D, Apt D needed lots of work so they went ahead and put us in a nicer one. Honestly, that sounds fine to me.
Also, my ex found a family to sublet our current apartment, so we’re moving out in the middle of April instead! Hutch and I start our new lease on April 18th. That’s less than 3 weeks away! It feels so good to be moving forward. I am elated!

I’m not looking forward to packing though… Bah.

I want to paint the living/dining room and Gaia’s room for sure. I think we’ve agreed to do something like this for the living room:


Only with greens. Yes. Green. We like green, okay?

For Gaia’s room I want to paint a tree on one wall and some flowers and faeries and whatnot. Then on the opposite wall I want to paint it light blue with clouds. The head of her bed will then go on the sky wall. What do you think?

I also need to buy furniture for Gaia’s room (my ex has claimed her current bedroom set), a bookshelf or two, a small entertainment table, and a table for the kitchen. There’s an entire wall that’s empty. I am not sure why they didn’t just put in more counter space, but I need to buy/build a table to put there. We have a little hutch thing that’ll go between the kitchen/dining room for most of my baking pans and appliances, but I need the table to store like produce, cutting boards, etc. I don’t know how to explain why I need it. I just know I will. Don’t judge me.



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