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Moving Forward in the Move

Hutch and I spent all of Saturday in Tampa looking at apartments. We have a stack of about 7 applications, but we decided to fill out stuff for a place. You never really know about a place until you live there, and although there were some shady looking people I’m going to give it a chance. There’s lots of grass and pretty trees, two pools, a new fitness center, and they are building a playground soon. There aren’t laundry hook ups in the apartments, but there’s a facility in every building. And since they pay for water, I think it’ll even out.

I wish I could say for sure that this was going to be the best decision for us, but once I got to a computer and looked at reviews I feel skeptical. Granted most of them are from 2008 and 2009 and the place is under new management. There’s a few reviews though from late last year. One is from a married couple who couldn’t take the noise level. They claimed that people were up until 5am because they didn’t have jobs. They mentioned how people “hung out” in the laundry rooms. There’s another vague review on Google that says “prostitution and drug infested.” That’s not good. :/

There are lots of reviews though that say that although the apartments do have some low-income families that it’s reasonable considering what the rent is. We need cheap rent right now, so maybe if we just stay to ourselves we’ll be alright. And that’s one thing that these positive reviews mention… “I’ve lived here for several years and I just mind my own business and have no problems.”

It seems as though they are trying to spruce it up. They have upgraded models for more, but we went with a basic apartment because it was cheaper. They are rebuilding a unit out front and renovating the property as a whole. I am trying to stay positive because I’m not really nosy or picky. I really just want Gaia to be safe. I want to have no qualms about going for walks and playing around in the court yards. I want to be able to sleep at night without worrying about getting robbed. It’d be really nice to be able to leave my laundry for a wash cycle and come back to it without anything going missing. I feel like these are simple requests.

There’s also a bus stop really close by and Bush Gardens and the busy businesses the tend to float around amusement parks. This is good because I do not have my car anymore. I’m nervous about that since Hutch has school and work. I’m going to have to become pretty dependent on public transportation until I can save enough for a down payment on a decent used vehicle.

I’ll post more once we’re approved and sign a lease.


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