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My hair really is a wasps’ nest.

I had just got finished painting my nails at the park and we returned home. I went to the bathroom to put my polishes away and took a glance in the mirror because no doubt the wind had created a big poofy post-shower mess of my hair. So there I am in the mirror, big poofy hair mess. This time there was a bonus, a big ugly mean wasp. Yes, a wasp. In my hair.


I didn’t know what to do. I have never been stung by a wasp or a bee and, although I hear it’s not a huge deal for us adults, I do not really want to find out what it feels like. I didn’t want it in my house either, so I ran back outside. It was good timing because the young, buff boys belonging to the apartment next door were just leaving to go on some manly adventure. “Excuse me, ” I said, “Is there still a wasp in my hair?”

They considered spraying wasp killer on my head, but I really wanted to find another way. So one of these kind young gentlemen went inside to fetch paper towels. When he returned they worked together to find the little beast and pulled it out within the paper towels and then stepped on him. My heroes.

I was just complaining about similar events to Hutch. See when I am outside for long periods of time I get bugs in my hair. This almost always happens at parks. Normally we choose parks with large trees creating a shady canopy. And what I think happens is ants and other things in the trees fall down and wind up lost in my hair. The last time, before today’s wasp adventure, we were at Paul Sanders Park in Brandon…


There happens to be very large ants at this park. And they fell into my hair. And I picked 4 off my neck/chest after they decided to travel my head and bite my torso. 🙁

This always happens to me. I don’t like wearing my hair up. I don’t really want to cut it short. I guess I’m just destined to hang with the bugs all day long. Maybe I can add some kind of essential oil to my shampoo that keeps bugs away? I don’t know what else to do. I can’t be bringing giant ants or wasps home y’all. It just isn’t a thing I want to deal with anymore.

Ideas? Suggestions?



  1. I have really long and thick hair myself! But I can’t say I have ever had that issue! I would put it up when you are out in the wilderness!!

  2. Oh wow what an ordeal! What about wearing a super cute fashionable hat when at the park?

  3. i would freak out! maybe google and see if any of the oils keep bugs away? i hope you find a solution 🙂

  4. Wasps always go in my hair too, I don’t know why. I have long hair.

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