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New Teeth for Gaia

This is my smiley, adorable, happy daughter. And those teeth are white because last Tuesday we finished her dentistry work. She had five cavities, one that needed immediate attention. And her front teeth were brown from where the enamel was wearing thin. I didn’t mind the look before compared to how much it’d cost us (the cost of the front teeth was ridiculous because it was cosmetic dentistry). I still thought she was beautiful as long as she was happy.

I can’t find a good before pictures because, like I said, it wasn’t really that bad. You can’t tell in pictures…

Don’t ask me how she got 5 cavities and needed that mush dental work on her baby teeth, but her father’s annual medical account was expiring so we decided to get it checked out. It cost nearly all of the now-expired account (which is good, cause it’s a use it or lose it deal). Folks, that’s $1500. And Gaia has dental as well. We’re going to treat her teeth like gold from now on.

It took three visits, one for each side of her face for the cavities. These made me giggle because afterwards you have this cute smile:

Taken with my cellular device.

The pediatric dentist in our area is actually less than a 5 minute walk from our home. He’s wonderful and he claims Gaia is his best patient. I admit she is eerily still and cooperative every time. And they have the cutest nautical theme for the office… there’s a giant boat which is actually a children’s movie theater where they play kids movies. And he has all these fancy knots in display cases. I like it.

And I love her new shiny teeth!


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  1. aww what a sweet smile!

  2. I know how you feel. We go to Lake Mary Pediatric Dentistry and it’s tiki themed inside with video games and TVs on the ceiling for the kids to watch while their teeth are being done. And not too long ago she had four cavities which cost us $1000. We do not have dental insurance for her so that was the discounted price. But your daughter looks happy to have everything fixed and all good now.

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