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On Natural Family Planning

If you’ve known me for a little bit and have caught a few of my posts then you might notice my way of improvising whenever possible. My tutorials, for example, are almost never with a pattern and I tend to have hiccups during them in which I wind up pointing out some mistake and how I would fix it next time. I do this because I’m not perfect, and in order for me to understand something I have to figure it out. I just get my hands in there and play with it. I’m a woman of discovery, I suppose.

I wanted to share some secrets with you. I am terrified of hormonal birth control as a personal choice for my body. I know it’s far fetched, but I really wish they taught young girls more about their bodies so that natural family planning was the norm. I am no expert, but I did it for a little over a year successfully. The reason I didn’t stay with it is because I had a lot going on and I just didn’t care anymore.

However recently I’ve had conversations in which I realize that although I do want more children fairly soon, I’d rather get a grasp on it again because right now a pregnancy would be considered bad timing. I need to get through a year of my new life before even thinking about it. When we are ready I want to be able to know when it would be possible without having to spend money on kits and the like. I want to know my body and understand what it’s doing. When we decide it’s time to expand our family, I want a baby ASAP. I have a huge case of baby fever and so it’s important to me to figure it out now.

Last time I did NFP I jumped in head first and had charts printed and did mini exams every day (well almost every day… more so when I was approaching ovulation). This time I’ve decided to slow down and figure it out all over again.

I wrote notes during my last cycle. I didn’t do any exams, but I wrote dates down of how I felt physically and emotionally. I wrote the day I started my period, the day it ended. Then when I felt hotter, had a higher sense of smell, or got sad for no reason. Then I wrote when I started getting symptoms of PMS, sleepiness, etc.

This cycle I’ve already predicted an ovulation window in which I will preform exams. If I figure out this cycle then I’m confident all subsequent ones will be a breeze. 🙂 Then I will make charts and actually start preparing for my cycles. Once I get a hang of it I can stop using condoms again. I’m sorry if this is TMI, but they’re kind of painful. It’s the combined friction of the latex and the “lip” of the penis because of circumcision fads back in the 80’s and 90’s. After a while I just get a sore, almost dry feeling. Love is compromise, and since I won’t take hormonal birth control we use condoms.

But not for much longer. 🙂



  1. my obgyn taught me how to calculate our ovulation period. You count 10 days from the first day of your period on that month. And then add another 10 days started from the10th day of the first calculation (is it confusing??). The ovulation period is within the second 10 days. Tried it, it worked. Now I am using IUD cord.

    Btw it’s Rina from CuteCoconut, I am using my other gmail account (the one that will not have my blog ID)

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