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Pinteresting Monday

I know you’ve all probably heard about the legalities of Pinterest by now. I wanted to explain my stance a bit. I’m not deleting my pinterest boards. I make sure that the pins have links back to where the photo was taken from. I create links all the time because I see pinterest as a place for bookmarks.

Also, my counter argument is that Facebook is way more popular and with the new share feature everyone has access to everything and I even have a few friends who save the images and put them in a “funny” folder, or what have you. Not to mention where the pages get their images from. You are always going to have someone try to rip off your stuff if you post it online. Period. Pinterest is no different in my opinion.

It’ll all blow over, or the website will get shut down. Either way I don’t really seeing everyone getting sued over repining the same pin.

So, if you’re with me…

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  1. awesome post!

  2. I love the Panda baby!! These are all great!

  3. Oh god. Wonder Woman is definitely channeling your essence in that picture.

  4. This is how I see it. Basically, once it’s on the web, it’s going to be fair game. A horrible as that sounds, it’s true. It will be taken, saved, copied, screen shot, shared… nothing is safe on the web. Nothing. I read a blog where a girl found a photo of hers posted on pinterest and now wants to sue because no one asked permission to post it. The bottom rule seems to stand, if you don’t want it taken, do not share or post it at all.
    A co-worker of mine recently found a photo he took for a fitness photo shoot and saw it on tumblr and said he would be contacting the people. But I really don’t see what good will come of it. Yes, they could take the photo off their blog but just think of the millions of people who are using the same photo somewhere or saved it.
    The internet is a gamble and if they are going to attack on pinterest, they should just say anyone who googles a photos and shares it, saves it etc should all be sued. I honestly do not think anything is going to come of this. Too many loopholes

  5. I agree with you & also what Rebecca said. It is what it is. If something happens and someone successfully sues, then that might be a different story. But in the meantime, I will continue blissfully pinning.

    Love what you posted this week!

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