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Poet on a Mountain Top

This is part of my Humanities Day series I do on Saturdays. Today in class we got into the Romantic Era. Though this painting pre-dates the era, it was suggested as a form of Romantic art because it speaks of the obsession with nature. I give you Shen Zhou’s, Poet On a Mountaintop…

[source: China Online Museum]
       White clouds sash-like
            wrap mountain waists,
       The rock terrace flies in space,
            distant, a narrow path.
       Leaning on a bramble staff,
            far and free I gaze,
       To the warble of valley brook

            I will reply, whistling.

The above is how the translation in the art reads. I love nature and this painting really spoke to me because it is in modern cultures we forget it’s true beauty. I long for this kind of peace.
I hope you’re all having a fabulous weekend.

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