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The Awkward Years


I moved around a lot as a child. I have a few schools I went to growing up. Middle school was Surfside Middle School and Jinx Middle School in Panama City Beach, Harlee Middle School in Bradenton, and Bruner Middle School in Fort Walton. I am thankful that I can not find very many photos from this era.

But check out this gem of me getting groovy with the basketball hoop (I played some killer b-ball, you don’t even know):

I’m in the pigtails in the photo above. That thing on my knee is a scab from where I fell down my first time trying to skateboard. Just look at how cute Brandi is. She’s the one sitting next to me. We’re still friends (so are Janie and I; she’s in the wrestling tee).

I was kind of shy going into these awkward years. I actually got picked on at Surfside and was something of a reject. Then I blossomed at Harlee and was like the right-hand man to the most popular girl in the 7th grade. I also picked up all kinds of bad mojo at that school. Jinx was a mostly-black school so when I moved back to Panama City and went there I had to fight to be kind of cool.

Actually, my cousin was way cool at Jinx and I was just cool by association. I really wanted to be super fly, so we fought over this one pair of expensive L.E.I. jeans. We’d literately trade every day and by the end of the week they smelled awful.

For my last year I went to Bruner. I was humbled there because I was not a rich, trendy girl. I was then reminded that I was chubby and merely an unattractive sex object.

These pink shorts caused me problems sometimes. I remember having these smelly marker projects in Algebra class. Well I had on these shorts and the girls at my table were talking about the Rosa Parks song by Outkast. I didn’t listen to too much radio, so they poked fun at how I didn’t know what they were singing. I wanted to leave the uncomfortable conversation, but apparently my full-booty panties were bigger than these hot pink shorts and so then I was made the laughing stock of math class. Who knew panties poking out from your shorts wasn’t cool.

The girl who started it all was evil. That summer I had made a transformation into somewhat of a badass bitch who didn’t care anymore, so the first day of high school I walked up to her as she was loading her locker and slammed her face into the locker. I didn’t even say anything. I just walked up, pushed her head, and walked away. She didn’t really mess with me in high school…

I had a weird sense of fashion in middle school. I’m not entirely sure why I wore the things I did. That was probably the reason for most of the ridicule. I don’t care anymore though, so I guess it all turned out okay. Haha.



  1. Lol I think we all have those awkward years. I was an outcast until high school then I too became a bitch and choose to hang with the outsiders.

  2. There are so many awesome things about that Valentines Day picture! I remember the platform sneakers oh-so-well & the wrestling shirt goes wonderfully with the heart decor. Naw, we all went through it! Thanks for sharing πŸ™‚

    stopping by from the link-up,

  3. OOH I love it! The V day pic is priceless!! Wonderful photos πŸ™‚

  4. This is great! Love love love love the Valentine’s one!

    – Katelyn

  5. Ohhh noo lol. I remember one time I was at Girl Scout camp and we had to do this skit in front of the whole camp..I was playing a Cheerleader so I rolled my shorts up really high and apparently my underwear was showing too! So, I definitely know how ya feel!

    Miranda Leigh

  6. I’m in tears laughing over you bashing that bitch’s head into the locker! ahahahahha! omg… there were so many girls i wanted to do that to but never did… I wish I had the courage not to care! You go girl! Thanks for linking up! xo

  7. Haha these are GREAT!! I absolutely LOVE your friends wrestling tee! In junior high, I LOVED WWF. My group of friends would re-hash it every week at school. Oh gawwwwd. When a few of the girls got to go watch it live in town, I was SO jealous. Thanks for posting that and bringing me back! πŸ™‚

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