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Things I am Grateful For

I’m joining Kim at Mommie Again and posting 5 things I am grateful for for 9 weeks. Feel free to join us! Here is week 3:

  1. Naps. They are rare  both because they are hard to obtain and I am constantly telling myself I don’t need sleep. When my eyes close and I can drift off into a nap I feel so good.
  2. Mail. I got a lot of cards for my birthday and some unexpected letters from friends I hadn’t heard form in a while. I’m inspired to write back and maybe start thinning out this underused stationary collection.
  3. Easy college courses. I’ll be done with my semester and have As in both of my last two classes. Gotta love that feeling. 🙂
  4. My sloppy manicures. They teach me that everything gets better in time.
  5. My daughter. Her adorable ideas keep me inspired to conquer each day with imaginative adventures.

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