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We’re all decked out in green for Spring!!!

I can’t do a tutorial every Tuesday. One, I’d give away all my secrets! Two, it’s just way too much work. I’m not prepared to stop every 30 seconds and take a photo. It’s just too much sometimes.

I made Gaia a dress yesterday. I did not use a pattern, but I’m thinking perhaps they are not so bad. I did a lot of tweaking in the end to get it to fit right and it still doesn’t look like I’d hoped. But she likes it and it was acceptable enough to call it finished.




There’s an obnoxious fold in the material I couldn’t iron out which makes the dress out to have some weird waistband thingy. I assure you it is not that way. I had planned on a more poofy skirt, but it just didn’t go exactly as planned. I love the peter pan collar though. I will be making more dresses this summer just for peter pan collars. 🙂

I salvaged the zipper from a dress of mine that is too big. I love the simple green stripes. It was such an awesome spring dress. Alas, I am not that big anymore. I made a pair of shorts for myself. I’ll try to edit them in here later, but my camera battery died on our walk earlier so it is recharging. In before scheduled post… Bam!

They fit really good and make my booty look fabulous. Just saying.

I used some more of the salvaged material from the same dress to make a fabric rose and put that on a hair clip. It’s kind of big, but I like it for my first rose clip. :)Also, accessories to match baller shorts above? Hell yeah.

I need to buy alligator clips. I bought some of the standard clips, but they are hard to manage with the roses. I’m glad I figured this out before using supplies I bought specifically for hair accessories I’d like to sell this summer. Don’t want to aggravate my customers. I can deal with clunky hair clips, but I wouldn’t want you guys to have to fight with it.

That’s all for today.

Happy crafting Tuesday!


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