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[Almost] Wordless Wednesday #11

Can you tell I edited their eyeballs? Stupid red glare ruining my precious kitties. Seriously. They don’t have names yet, but the orange one is a boy and the tortoise shell kitty is a girl. She’s feisty, let me tell you. I just want to cuddle her all day every day, but she’s still mad at me for taking her away from the wild. I gave them baths yesterday and soon I’ll take them to the vet. They have some fleas, some worms, and dirty ears. These are all things I’ve dealt with before when rescuing feral kittens. No worries. Just cuteness. Honestly these are the most scared rescue cats I’ve ever had, so the domestication process is a tough one. Treats and love, that’s the plan.

I was going to post more on the home-making process, but we still have a lot more to do. We have a little bit of furniture to acquire and all the decor still needs to be hung. So far so good I suppose. I have a job interview Friday (at Olive Garden). As soon as I land something we’ll have the internet turned on. Until then, enjoy the internet cafe updates!


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