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Friday Confessional

I confess I haven’t had the motivation to blog recently. I can’t find things that are positive enough to be happy about.

I confess I’ve slept more in the past three days than I have been awake. I’ll sleep in in the morning, then take frequent naps on the couch throughout the day. I wake up to make breakfast and lunch and go back to sleep.

I confess I’ve considered going back on medication for my emotional instability. This depression is obviously doing a number on not only me but my family and friends this time around.

I confess I haven’t packed a single box since Monday. I am actually considering getting rid of anything not in a box just so I don’t have to deal with it.

I confess I am totally getting wasted right now and will probably have a hangover for class tomorrow.



  1. i am so sorry that things are so dark right now. i have been there. i know what you are going through. there is no shame in medicating to have a life back!!

    i hope confessing made you feel a little better, thanks for linking up!!

    psst…did you know you have that pesky word verification on your blog? most people don’t know, since it is a default setting on blogger…which is silly since most people HATE word verification and will just skip commenting and go to the next blog. that sucks right? i can help you get rid of it and turn on comment moderation instead, let me know if you need help. Once you get rid of that you will get way more comments…making blogging even more fun. I promise.

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