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Future project

Source: via Shary on Pinterest

This is a project I really really want to do. I have a shirt like this that I love. It’s super comfy, but I put it in the dryer because I didn’t read the tag and it shrunk. It still fits, but it’s smaller and I have to wear a tank top underneath.

I was going to do it tonight but…

  1. my husband decided he needed to keep the car to go to a friend’s house
  2. JoAnn’s closes at 9
  3. I spent 3 hours filling out a job application online

So I thought I’d just share the tutorial I plan on following. I’ll share photos one I’m finished.

Sadly, that’s the best I can do for this week. I’m swamped with packing and job hunting and just everyday things that keep happening. I have several guest posts I need to do, and I sadly can’t finish them without an afternoon with the car to run errands to pick up stuff and time to myself to construct these things I have floating in my head. Woe is me, indeed.



  1. […] JoAnn Fabrics was disappointing. I had a 50% off coupon and I intended to get some jersey knit for the top I wanted to make this week. Alas, I came up empty handed. I almost bought some satin instead, but I’ve never sewn satin […]

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