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More Kitten Pictures!

Round three of our U-haul adventure happened yesterday. My ex wasn’t able to fit all the things into our first U-haul from Orlando so he had to get another. I finally got Gaia’s bed and my shelves… only the hardware is still in Orlando so I won’t actually get anything more done until Friday. I am annoyed, to say the least, but what can I do?

My interview Friday at Olive Garden went great. She has to check my references. Assuming that they all check out I’m pretty sure I got the job. I have to wait til Wednesday to know for sure. Tomorrow I’m going to apply at IHOP and maybe find the Massage Envy. I’d hate to waste time waiting and then not get the job. She said a lot of her staff never served before so I’m thinking even if none of my old employers remember me she’ll hire me anyway. Most of her staff is college kids and they have classes during the day so she really needs people for the lunch shift. 🙂 Keep your fingers crossed!

I was going to say “Sorry if you’re sick of kittens,” but none of you could possibly be sick of kittens. Even if you’re allergic, pictures are completely adorable. No excuses.

I named my kitty. Her name is Tonks. I had it narrowed down yesterday because I gave Hutch a deadline to name the little orange guy. Of course it wasn’t until this morning that he tricked me into naming mine without actually naming his. He’s crafty, that boy of mine…

I thought of Medusa because she hisses a lot and I’m obsessed with mythology. But the name sounds so harsh for such an adorable kitten, so I moved on to Solstice. All the different colors on her reminded me of the changes in seasons. But then I thought of color changing and then I thought of Tonks (from Harry Potter). The name is short, cute, and makes you smile. So, her name is Tonks.

The orange guy is still nameless. I want to name him Oliver, but Hutch apparently hates that name. I wonder what he’ll come up with…



  1. I love kittens. How can you not? So adorable!!!! And good luck with the job hunting. Fingers crossed too you’ll get the job there. Massage Envy also sounds cool. I hope you hear a call back soon enough!!!

  2. O my cuteness! I’m following via bloglovin. I’m glad you joined in the bloglovin blog hop. I also host a weekly link party on wednesdays and I’d love for you to join in and share your latest projects.

  3. Keeping my fingers crossed for you!

    And I love Tonks! Too cute!

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