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Moving Progress

Lots of things can go wrong on moving day. We tried to have as little of that as possible but some things still managed to surprise us. Thursday I spent mostly packing and lifting to stack boxes ready for the truck. Gaia and I stayed at Hutch’s parents’ and int he morning they made pancakes:

All you do is add sprinkles when they are about ready to flip. Yummy!

Then we got a second U-haul for Hutch’s things. Him and his brother worked on his stuff and Carlos and a really nice man from Craig’s List came with my things. Hutch’s mom offered to watch Gaia so that was cool. My dad and my friend Missy drove up from Sarasota to help paint.

Hutch’s mom gave us her old couch and loveseat and there are so many of these super comfy pillows. Missy took a good 15 minute break resting in the pillows. 🙂

Missy sketched the mural and her, Hutch, and I painted it:

It took way longer than I imagined. It was like 8pm when we decided to quit. Mostly because we ran out of sunlight and none of the main rooms have light fixtures. Then I found a lamp and finished it myself early this morning.

Today was kitten day but they are really skiddish. We managed to catch two of the eight, but they aren’t the ones we wanted. We visited with them a little and they calmed down.

Katrina said they are better int eh morning when she feeds them and she’s going to try and catch ours then. She doesn’t imagine it’ll be a problem, so tomorrow we should have our adorable babies!


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