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Organizing, phase 1

I got some awesome mail today. Included was some stones I ordered off of Tophatter (well, won… it’s an auction site). I then went searching for my box that had my rocks and things.

I was excited because it was in the same place as my passport cover! That’s important because I’m actually getting my first passport soon. I got the cover at the flea market years ago knowing I’d eventually need one. And I do yay!

(My grandmother bought our entire family tickets for a cruise. She wants her ashes spread over the ocean in October.)

Here’s my box of stone and things. 🙂

I also found my zines.

And my ATC collection.

And my business card collection.

(Check out that adorable wallet made out of cute bear paper. Squee!)

And here’s my extremely nerdy flattened penny collection and a Egyptian dollar:

I went through several miscellaneous boxes and got rid of some stuff I felt I no longer needed. I also got my free Essie nail polish today.

Which then inspired me to organize my polish:

I used to have all of my polishes in that tiny drawer. It was overflowing and kind of messed up the flow of my organizer. So I took all my lotions out of that red travel bag and put all my polishes in there. Ideally I would have a nail polish rack… but until then I make due.

Because the drawer was now empty I could put all my hair clips inside and get rid of this stupid pouch I have had for years.

I got rid of a lot of little things today. I only have one box packed, but I have the loveliest feeling of accomplishment anyway.  Eighteen days until the move!




  1. Hey it’s Cheri from Its So Very Cheri–stopping by from the Linky Party Hop.

    I love the color of your new polish.


  2. The exciting things about moving for me is the chance to reorganize. Because usually I am so fed up with the clutter state of my current house and the only solution to get out of the problem is to move out. So when the chance comes, I will feel joy and excited! 😀
    You have got so many polish there! I just bough a box of different color all in neon shades. By the way I have tagged you in my post. It would be published within the next 10 minutes. Just come over at CuteCoconut to see about it 🙂

  3. Oooo a cruise sounds like so much fun.

  4. love me some good organizing! and wow you have a ton of polish–my kind of girl 😉

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