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Positive Things

I don’t try to be too picky. I am not living in a first rate complex and I completely understand that. However the place was not, in my opinion, “ready” for us to move in. When I get back on Monday I’m going to have to seriously clean the pantry and try and fix the shelving. I’ve already put in a maintenance request for all the other little things, and the biggest thing is that the porch is complete shit (excuse my language), but they did mention when we first looked at the property that they were trying to remove the screens entirely so the porches were all open. I’m hoping they just haven’t done that yet and it’ll look better soon.

I’m trying to post about the positive things. So for starters check out the location of my apartment to the amenities:

Pretty spiffy, huh?

It’s technically week 9 for the list of grateful things, so here’s a small list of things I like about our new place:

  1. The bathroom has a big flat mirror above the sink, but there’s a smaller medicine cabinet behind it. Now I can see the back of my head without fidgeting with a hand mirror! Glorious occasion!
  2. We have a small storage room! I didn’t even realize, but that’s perfect for my Christmas stuff and extra chairs for the dining room table.
  3. Our room is huge so there’s plenty of space to set up a craft area in there. Also, a walk in closet.
  4. Speaking of closets, there’s a great closet when you walk in the front door to hang jackets and things. I’ve never actually never had a closet next to the front door before. It seems really fun.
  5. Painting was a breeze thanks to my father and friends. All that’s left is the unpacking and organizing. 🙂

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