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This picture was just to precious not to share. After waking up and going to the bathroom, she just looked t0o precious to ignore. And yeah, that’s my bed. She sneaks in every morning to snuggle. Sometimes when I’m half asleep not wanting to get up she rubs my back. After three minutes she’ll ask if that’s enough and I groan a “yes” and then she promptly asks for breakfast.

We talked a little bit about her room. She said she wants a treehouse. We have this bed from Ikea, complete with tent. The tent is removable though, an entirely different piece. So I think we’ll put the tent part in storage and paint a tree in the corner. I think I can even put shelves on the wall as tables. Then glow in the dark stars or a projector of some kind, like this lamp.

Speaking of, I love amazon even more that I get free money for doing surveys at I’m not being paid or anything to say that… I don’t even have a referral link. I seriously just get an email every few days, fill out surveys about what’s currently on the radio stations I listen to, and get $5 in Amazon dollars. And I buy nail polish most of the time and sometimes books. But I can totally just pay shipping on a lamp like what I linked you. Free accessories! What’s not to love?

As more and more boxes get packed I’ve gotten some organizing done. In the process I’ve emptied out various containers that inspire me to put thing sin them. Well, as summer is approaching we have acquired quite the collection of wasps and bees on our porch. I have never been stung and it scares me. So I kill them. Yes, I feel bad. Bees are good! I know. Really I do. But it freaks me out having them on my porch. So if they are in shooting range I spray them. I’m evil I know.

But I still find them pretty. There are about a dozen of them just frozen on my screen:

I can’t decide if keeping them in a jar would be beautiful or creepy…


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