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Week 7 of Gratefulness

I’m joining Kim at Mommie Again and posting 5 things I am grateful for for 9 weeks. Week 7 was rough. I’m having a tough day…

  1. Kittens. Katrina’s cat had some babies. There are eight… and one of them will be mine.
  2. The boyfriend. He doesn’t always understand the meltdowns, but he’s there to see them through anyway.
  3. My cousin. She really cares and I know I can talk to her about anything.
  4. My government professor. She makes politics interesting.
  5. Understanding of my “junk.” My period started on the day I estimated. Woot!


  1. D’aww. I’m always happy when I make the “grateful” list. I’m on a roll or something :3

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