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A Work Update

Hutch likes my tattoo sleeve because he said it looks like they’re in bed snuggling together. I love laying in bed snuggling, but Hutch and I both work mornings and fight to be cool at night so we don’t get to do that much. Here’s my tattoo, snuggling with itself.

For those of you that missed it, I got the job as a waitress at Denny’s. I have to cover the bottom of my tattoo and I’ve taken out all my face piercings… even my tongue. It’s quite a discriminatory thing, but my opinion is biased. I hate having to hide my individuality. I do, however, “get it” and am used to it and so I don’t complain much on the surface. Inside though, inside I’m mad.

Denny’s is going good so far. I’m about to leave for work here in a few. Since I don’t have a car yet and Hutch has left already, I’ll be walking. It’s a few blocks away and I’m guessing a 15 minute walk. I’m giving it a half hour though just in case. I honestly might just get a bicycle. So far Hutch has shared his car enough for me to get important errands run so why throw another car into the mix? It’d just be more bills and more gas money going to the man. We don’t need the stress, honestly.

Do I like working for Denny’s? Sure. For the most part everyone is friendly and minds their own business. The cooks aren’t overly angry, and the manager actually works on the line if they get backed up. I had no issues getting the heavy trays on my shoulder or getting triple sat yesterday. I suppose I still have a few things to learn (side work mostly), but I think I’ll be alright.

I just need to build up my stamina and figure out what I can do in the mornings to make myself feel less tired. Man do my legs hurt…


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