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On Sponsors

Good morning lovelies! I hope May is treating you all well. I’ve been seeing so many inspiring posts and truly the summer is going to bring in some wonderful adventures!

I wanted to take a moment to talk about sponsors. I have some lovelies over there on the left that I’ve been trading with for a while. Some for longer than others. I actually enjoy each of them and want to make it very clear that the changes I’m about to talk about do not in any way effect them.

And I do still offer sponsorship spot swaps… just check out the new sponsorship page!

However, I have been getting inquires now on placing ads on my site. I’ve been offered review opportunities and items to hand over to you lovely readers in giveaways. I started this blog with the intention to be able to make money from it, but I also stand firmly on the side of not spamming your readers with junk. I feel like I have a good balance going and I post as much as I can. I admit I don’t have a niche (yet) and that my blog is still fairly new, but I feel like I have enough going on here to start offering sponsorship spots for purchase. And of course, they’re cheap!

Most of the money from these sales will go towards purchasing sponsorship ads for my blog and finally getting that dot com going.I will also use the money to fund giveaways for things I love so that I can spread the wealth!

I’ve decided to use Passionfruit to sell and manage my ads. Honestly it was the easiest most convenient way to do things. It’s easy for you, too.

Head on over and check it out!
(You can get 20% off your first ad with code HEYGIRL at check out!!!)

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