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Starbucks is Lame.

Today was laundry day. I don’t normally hate laundry so much, but I have to fight for my turn. Yes, the laundry unit is right next door and I have to fight for my turn. The walls are thin, so if I keep the house quiet I can hear the dryer or lack there of. Each load costs $3. It sucks, too, cause the three of us can produce I lot of laundry.

My complex is trying to be all cute and professional. Today we received the new newsletter. They’ve officially changed the name to Garden Isles so isn’t that spiffy? I also got my first religious solicitor. It was a cute Asian lady inviting me to festivities Thursday. I’ll probably go because she said it was like a free market. I do love free markets.

I’ve been trying to put on some finishing touches around the house. I’m hanging up the bigger pieces as we have most of the furniture set up now. Hutch is so tired from working and going to school all the time that I’ve kind of accidentally taken control over decorating. I am so sick of looking at boxes…


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