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TV Shows that Dominate Our Television

I am participating in the May Post Project hosted by She Promotes. I headed over to Southern Girl Ramblings and Kecia’s post on TV Shows dominating her TV caught my eye. We don’t have cable around these parts (though we’re contemplating getting it because it’s honestly worth it if we bundle internet with cable), but we did have Netflix for the past 4 years. Here’s a list of shows I would be happy to never see again. (You know, because when all you have is instaplay you see every show fifty-eleven times.)

  1. Dora the Explorer – Please, for the love of God, stop making Dora the Explorer episodes. I just can’t take it anymore. It’s so repetitive and slow, and for some reason I feel like Boots’s only purpose is to whine and question Dora’s every move. What kind of friend is that anyway?Though I will admit, my daughter can speak a lot of Spanish. Pair Dora with Diego and Gaia knows way more Spanish than me and her father combined. Maybe I’m just jealous… I wish I could speak Spanish.
  2. Blue’s Clues – I am very thankful that this show has been canceled already. I prefer Joe over Steve for sure, but even then it was slightly annoying. I don’t think ever really understood that they were asking her to participate in Blue’s adventures. “Do you see Blue’s jacket?” they’d ask and Gaia would say something that in my head sounded like “Mom, these kids are dumb and take like ten minutes to tell Joe that the jacket is right there.”
  3. Yo Gabba Gabba – Okay, I actually really like this show. Netflix just has a limited list of available episodes and I was so sick of hearing the same songs over and over. It’s help[ed tons though… that “Try It, You’ll Like It!” song really helped us shove vegetables down Gaia’s throat on several occasions. Yo Gabba Gabba also helped with sharing, being afraid of the dark, and taking naps.So what if it’s a show for babies on acid? Mine digs it (the show, not acid).
  4. Wonder Pets – I don’t even understand why kids like the wonder pets. It’s just plain silly. I have that song memorized now though and can think up my own lyrics fitting any given situation at any time. Gaia gets angry because I’ll sing “The rice, the rice is burning. There will be no dinner. There will be no dinner! There will be no dinner ’cause I’m mad.” Singing the song helps though and makes me laugh. And we salvaged the rice, in case you were wondering…
  5. Ruby Gloom – This is another I actually like a lot. I even did a guest post at Southern Mama, Bad Mouth about Gaia’s obsession. The show is really cute and although it’s a bunch of little goth kids they’re really nice and cover some really legit issues about interacting with your peers. Also, the theme song is too cute for words!

And that’s my rambling about repetitive kids’ shows. Thanks Kecia for the inspiration!

Hope you’re all having a wonderful week so far. Happy Tuesday!!!



  1. I have to add Max and Ruby and Calliou. They aren’t allowed to be watched in my house anymore, I couldn’t take any more! Thankfully my daughter is starting to our grow Dora and Diego.

  2. Great post! Blue’s Clues is another favorite around here šŸ™‚

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