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[Almost] Wordless Wednesday #18

I’ve always been a fan of the family bed. I never purchased a crib, you know. Gaia has always slept next to me as a baby. It wasn’t until she was 3 that I transitioned her to her own bed. She slept in my room in a twin for 6 months, then I moved her into her room. She comes in and snuggles every morning and when we wake up everyone is happy. I love waking up to all my sleepy babies.

Forgive the unmade bed. We did just wake up, but even so it doesn’t get made. They say if you make your bed your room feels clean. Well, my room is clean except for the bed and I feel just fine. Thank you. Beds should be able to just climb in at any moment and rest. They should feel welcoming, a knight in shining armor ready to save you from exhaustion. This is how I see my bed, and for me unmade is best.

I love sleeping. 🙂



  1. Cute!!

    Yay for family beds. And unmade beds! I’m a fan of both. 😀

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