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“Marriage: What’s the Point?” Review & Giveaway [Ends 6/8]

Welcome! Today I am hosting a giveaway for the Lazy Summer Reads Giveaway Hop hosted by E-Reading on the Cheap and Midwestern Moms.

I’m not very religious. I am spiritual, I just haven’t committed to any one idea of God. I sincerely believe that all religions go hand in hand and that genuinely good people who try their best to live genuinely good lives will find peace in the afterlife. This is merely my opinion. I wanted to preface this giveaway with that because I do not want you, the reader, to think that I’m a) forcing beliefs upon you or b) shunning the Christian faith.

I received a copy of Marriage: What’s the Point by Jesse Birkey right before my move. It wasn’t until I unpacked the last of my boxes (the ones containing books) that I remembered that Jesse sent his book to read. I disclosed a little about my personal life and struggles with my previous marriage and he was eager to have me read his book. I accepted the offer and dove in about a few weeks ago.

From the website:

“This book was written while walking a path marked by tragedy, despair, hopelessness, desperation, transformation, reconciliation, and complete Holy Spirit saturation. This is a story of restoraton….God’s specialty! ”

I’ve mentioned my struggles with reading before, and I’ll admit all the references to God in this book didn’t help. What sucked me in was the story of Jesse and Kara and their determination to make marriage a success between the two of them and their faith. The book walks you through all the typical reasons people say they get married and Jesse (and Kara) give you personal experiences and typical situations that prove to you why these reasons might be invalid. I found myself relating throughout the entire read, and that was comforting.

I don’t want to give up the ending, but there is much to learn and take with you with this book. It offers some excellent insight onto how a relationship centered around God is a happy one for those with a faith strong enough to endure. It’s a very positive book and will satisfy any Christian reader.

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  1. I would gift it to some friends going through a some difficulties in their marriage. Thanks for hosting, Shary!

  2. marriage is wonderful thing when your with the rihgt person

  3. ilike the big pic and the site you have

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