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Oh hi friends!

I can’t really decide what’s got me feeling so exhausted, but the past few days have been really tough on me. Earning my own income is uplifting, and I feel pretty content with life in general. I’m just tired and I don’t want to do much of anything. Productivity? Forget about it.

How do you like the giveaways? I had a lot for June (one more is coming) and I kind of shoved all this in your face as opposed to easing into it. It was silly of me really, because it’s more work than I really wanted. I feel like I still kept a good balance of “Shary posts” and giveaways/reviews. I won’t be doing it again though. One or two giveaways a month from now on. And I definitely prefer the giveaway hops because then I can personalize the products. Any constructive criticism or suggestions are welcome!

I haven’t forgot about my sponsors. I’m planning on doing the spotlight on Friday. I’m going to make it a little more fun than the simple shout out I used to do. I’m pretty excited about my new sponsor spotlight idea, so hopefully it’ll make up for the recent neglect.


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