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What I’m Up To Wednesday

I’m getting really bad at socializing lately, especially when it comes to posting on my blog. Everything was going fabulously for a while. Of course, knowing my life, it could only go on for so long before something happened. We’ll make it through, because that’s just how life works for us and we’re used to it. Meanwhile, I’ve been sitting about moping to myself and shutting down.

I’m about to start my period. Sure, I already knew that because of my fancy little app on the boyfriend’s phone. But a sure sign is when I start crying over music. Today I had a nice cry to the tune of Arcade Fire’s “Funeral” album. It’s so good. I was asking for it really…

I also made my 4th of July cake today. I decided to celebrate a week early, so sue me.

Monday we had a meeting at work about suggestive selling. Honestly, it made me feel better about myself, so I’m okay with the three hours of minimum wage that will be on my paycheck. God knows we need it right now. And I’m prepared to start fresh tomorrow and not think about all the people who suck that I have to serve. Last week was so slow, surely this week has to make m,e some money… right?


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