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Work, etc.

I have my pet peeves about working in the restaurant business, which is why I have been desperately searching for a major to go to school towards. I kind of needed a break after the last three weeks to tell you the truth. Between my feet and my frustration, I felt myself getting totally worn out.

Thankfully we are closing today at 3pm for front of the house remodeling. I’ll only be out of work a few days and yesterday was rough. Two servers called out on a Saturday, folks. It was not fun. I was busy until 2pm. And we didn’t get breaks because we were already short staffed. By 4 it slowed down enough for there to just be two of us, but we were still a little busy cleaning and trying to organized for the next shift.

At about 5 o’clock a kid about 25 walked in. He was alone and by himself. He had a chocolate milkshake and a double cheeseburger. Kid was serious. He finished his meal and asked for the bathroom. I cleaned off his table and waited at the register for him with his check. When he came out he never looked at me and headed for the door. “Excuse me,” I said. I repeated it three times yelling as he exited. I went after him and said “Hey kid you didn’t pay your bill!” He had the nerve to turn around, shrug, and say “I can’t hear you.”


The new policy is that if you have a walk out you have to have a police report. My manager chased the kid in his car until the kid was tired. But he ducked into an alley and disappeared. The cops couldn’t find him and so we had to file a report. With all the chasing and waiting I didn’t get home until 7pm. It was ridiculous.

And the nerve of that kid…

I also got completely rude high school girls that came in. It’s sad because there’s nothing I can do about it as a serve. Even if I am older than them, I have to deal with the attitude and suck it up. Why? Why are kids like this? It’s really very sad…

Here’s to three days off! I’m going to the beach after work with Katrina and Jalina. They are coming for a visit from Orlando. Yay! Then Monday is all about crafting. Oh yes!



  1. I could never comprehend walking out on a bill or tab… makes no sense to me! I have been a bartender for the past 8yrs, I def feel your pain with the long hours, rude people, and all around “blahs” of service work. Sometimes its not something we want to do, but something we HAVE to do, and crap comes with the territory!
    Enjoy the beach, it sounds like you def need a “getaway” 🙂

  2. Wow. The nerve of some people… it’s sad to see what our society is turning into.

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