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How to be a pleasant guest (AKA: tips to make life easier)

I’m getting to the point at work where I am making more money on average. Twice this week I’ve broken $100 and that’s progress because I only expect about $50 a day. Though I’m learning to bite my tongue on a more regular basis, I’ve notice some situations that just make my job harder. Why should you care? Because, my friends, if I despise going to a table you’re going to have just as much of an unpleasant experience. Here’s a list of things to keep in mind when going out to eat.

  • Don’t go out to eat in a bad mood.
  • If you and your companion get into an argument, turn the car around or resolve it (or get over it) in the car.
  • If you are paranoid enough to not trust cups, glasses, silverware, etc… cook and eat at home. Unless you’re allergic to glass or sterilizing agents, please do not ask for everything to be in to-go containers. It’s not environmentally friendly anyhow.
  • If you’re going to change everything about an entree because you don’t like it, then you probably shouldn’t order it. Just sayin’.
  • Things are not like they were “back in the day.” Just because the cooks are black does not mean they are out to get you because you’re an elderly white man. And honestly, I don’t want to hear horrible assumptions about any certain “kind” of people.
  • It is not you server’s fault you don’t know how you like your eggs. If you order “sunny side up hard,” do not act surprised when your food comes out staring up from your plate. Furthermore, if your server tries to explain things to you for future reference after figuring out how you really want your eggs, don’t act pissed off because you’re a little ignorant to  the ways of egg preparation.
  • If you’re bringing tons of kids with you, please don’t allow them to talk down to your adult-aged server. Also, if they’re messy you should tip accordingly. Even if there’s a busser on duty, the server is still responsible for sweeping the floor and “de-greasing” the chairs.
  • Don’t engage your server is conversations revolving around politics or religion. S/he may not have the same views that you do and you’ll just have a skewed vision of your service based on his or her responses.

And for clarification, here are real reasons to get upset:

  • Your food came out wrong and no one offered to fix it.
  • You are unable to get a deserved discount because there was no manager available.
  • Something in the restaurant  made you feel unwelcome or your food looked inedible. If after mentioning the problem to a manager and you weren’t offered a discount, then you may get upset matching the severity of the issue that made you approach the manager in the first place.


  1. good to keep in mind – thanks for sharing 🙂

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