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Proclaiming victory!!!

Our porch is finally screened in now. While I was at work the other day Hutch completely cleaned it off including spraying the ceiling down and sweeping away dead carcasses of wasps. If you’ve been around for any amount of time, you may remember that I hate wasps and they tend to ruin my life. However, thanks to my fantastic property manager and terrific boyfriend, I no longer have to worry about my porch being infested. No more wasps. Halleluiah.

That’s not all I have to be grateful for. I made a decent paycheck at work and made over $400 dollars this week in tips. What does that mean? Well, it means I don’t have to dig into my savings account for rent, my friends. See, our car broke down about two weeks ago and Hutch is having a hard time paying his half of everything so I’ve had to fill in the blanks when it comes to bills. I only have the minimum necessary for a crutch in my savings account anyway, but I was somehow able to pull it off there at the end of June and now I feel much better about everything. My numbers might seem low to those of your with real careers and fat bank accounts, but we made it through even with the setbacks. I am so grateful. You don’t even know.

Today my father is coming to visit and Miss Gaia and I are off to get passports. We’re going on a cruise in October to spread my Omi’s ashes over the ocean. Today might be a productive day after all…


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