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30 Days of Finding My Voice – Day 1

Iuliana at hip2thrift started up this rather amazing blogging challenge. I’m behind as I just heard about it recently, but I figure it could help me get back into the swing of things. I may or may not do it consecutively over thirty days, but it’ll give me more of a reason to rediscover my reason for being here in the blogoverse. So here we go – day one…

My childhood bedroom was most of the time non-existent. This isn’t meant to be a sob story of any kind. And don’t go judging my mum because she was amazing. All I am implying is that we didn’t really have enough money for fancy places with multiple bedrooms. Sometimes we’d live with my aunt and I’d share a room with my cousin of the same age. Most of my childhood bedrooms have been shared with cousin Ila, and those were fun times.

Ila and I had bunk beds and I always had to sleep on the top. I had Ariel sheets and we shared most of our toys. We had a fairly large Barbie collection, but she’d always get mad at me because after dressing them and setting up the scene I’d decide I didn’t want to play anymore. We had the typical girls’ room, posters of kittens and all.

In middle school my mom, sister and me had our first rented house. I had a fairly small room then with a big bed that took up most of the space. I had a rather large speaker system because I loved music and stacks of CD’s were everywhere. I was really into Wicca back then so I had candles and incense and other magickal items laying around. I had this rather cheap blue comforter that felt like furry plastic which I caught fire preform a ritual once.  I was honestly glad to see it go.

I had a rather large bear figurine collection and one of those stuffed animal nets. Most of that stuff is gone now because as I grew older I decided I didn’t want to hold onto so much useless stuff. I really liked bears though, and you could tell when you walked into my room because all the tiny eyes would stare back t you from every angle. And yes, this persisted through high school until I moved out.

Nothing too exciting, you see. But there you have it, my childhood bedroom(s). 🙂


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