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Day 2

Oh man this is really easy for me but it’s so hard to write because I fear they may know exactly who they were if they ever came and read my blog. I suppose because of that fact I should state that just because I think they’re annoying doesn’t mean I don’t love them. After all, I’d delete them if I didn’t like them, right? Of course, so here it goes…

My most annoying friend on Facebook whines and complains and throws pity parties on almost every post. My life hasn’t been perfectly peachy either, but people on Facebook don’t know my entire life because I don’t advertise it’s crappiness every hour. Also, she’s always talking about how the father of her child wants nothing to do with them, when she clearly isn’t being open and compromising at all with sharing the responsibilities. When I log onto Facebook I don’t want to read, “Wah wah my life sucks. PS: Someone come over and share your cigarettes.”

Also, I have a  friend who posts nothing but coupon related posts. A real life friend who is constantly like “OMG check out this receipt and look at how much I saved!” I like couponing, maybe not in an extreme way, but I still don’t want to see receipts on my news feed every single day. It makes me want to say “Get a life.”

I didn’t intend for this post to sound so rude, but you asked for annoyed and this is me annoyed. 🙂



  1. I get nervous too!! I am the worst speller ! 🙂 Loving your blog!! New follower on BlogLovin!! Feel free to follow back!! Have a great weekend!

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