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Day 3 – How I Take Care of My Feet

Oh my poor feet. I don’t really take care of my feet and I’m barefoot most of the time. I do do this bi-weekly routine though so they aren’t completely unsightly. I suppose now is the perfect time to share it with you all…

First I use a ped egg to file down some of the callouses that build up from being barefoot always. Even if I’ in public I choose flippy flops and to be honest they are like 5 years old and so thin my toes catch the cement most of the time anyway. So, they are pretty rough. I use the ped egg and file down calluses. Then I use a sea sponge and exfoliate my feets under running hot water. I then use tooth paste and a nail brush (the same one I use to clean under my finger nails) and scrub my toenails and the dead skin around them. I learned this on Pinterest a year or so ago, actually, and it helps whiten the nail. When I’m all done I dry them and apply a peppermint foot lotion. Then I sit on the couch and I use a nail tool to dig out all the crap that is still hiding between the nail and skin on the sides.

It’s rather gross, I suppose, but for someone who walks around barefoot all the time it’s a necessary evil. I try to do it when I’m alone though because I don’t need my boyfriend or my daughter wondering why I spend 45 minutes playing with my feet. They just wouldn’t understand…


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